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30 Day Health And Weightloss Reset

Mia’s Reset is a healthy, 30 day wellness program that follows the Ayurvedic principal that the digestive system is the center of overall health and well being.  We believe that a clean diet high in nutrients and antioxidants, along with a few simple lifestyle changes that are easy to implement, will stoke your digestive fire, and in turn help you to lose weight naturally, have more energy,  and fight illnesses. 

We will provide you with 2 hearty and delicious meals per day.  Don’t worry, we won’t be counting calories or cutting out carbs (in fact you will probably be increasing your carbohydrate intake – we’ll explain later) We will also give you guidelines for what to eat for breakfast, what to do in between meals, as well as how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after your 30 day program is finished. 

The best news is that Chef  Michael will be preparing all of your meals, and if you’ve eaten at Mia’s Kitchen, you know that this means fresh, satisfying and delicious food.  His partner Cynthia, a weight loss specialist and personal trainer, will be there every step of the way to talk you through the program in depth, and give you support and advice should you need it along the way. 

So now are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to lose weight and feel great??  Stop by Mia’s anytime after 1 pm to speak to Cynthia about how to get started!

Testimonials ~

Mike’s commitment to helping customers succeed is of great value to the process. Mike has a broad knowledge of nutrition , and skillfully prepares each meal to not only be healthy , but delicious and satisfying. He is supportive, accommodating and a cheerleader. Mike keeps you on track and is just as happy as the client who is seeing the many health benefits of his plan. Over a year later, the weight has stayed off, and the surprising result is that I now prefer to eat better. I actually saved money that month because I did not go out to eat every Saturday night.~ K.O.

“My husband and I have done the 30 day reset several times over the past year and a half. It has completely changed the way I have approached food and nutrition as a whole. Through doing the program, I have returned to a vegetarian diet for myself. And I feel 100% better inside and out!! This program is a game changer for sure, and I’ve tried them all!!!
My husband just started another cycle. He has found it keeps him away from his trigger foods. So easy to follow. No planning, no thinking. It’s all done for you! ” ~ G.S.

“Michael’s reset plan has changed my relationship with food. I make my food choices based on the nourishing quality of the food I eat. This has changed how I feel, how I look and my physical health.” ~ S.S.

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