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Did You Know

Mia’s is now offering s a “30 day Health and Weight Loss RESET”.  We will provide 2 healthy meals a day for 30 days to help you gain energy, lose weight and feel great!!

Mia’s Kitchen was voted #6 in Yelp’s “Top 10 restaurants in Rockland County” – check out the article in the Journal 

Mia’s offers an awesome breakfast!!  Check out our breakfast menu.  We have great, traditional breakfast, plus a few unique, delicious and healthy options too!

If you’ve been to our cafe you already know by looking at our walls that we have a lot of record albums.  But did you know that Chef Michael is an avid record collector with literally thousands of killer albums – and he actually has some of them for sale at Mia’s.  Come in and check ’em out!! 

If you’re having trouble finding a parking space on the street, there’s a parking lot in the rear of Mia’s (behind the lot reserved for the tenants of the building).  Feel free to park there any time!

Our Salmon is of the best, Sushi grade quality and is from the Faroe Islands off the coast of Scotland.  We prepare it medium rare so it is pink on the inside to keep it nice and moist, but if you prefer it more well done, just let us know!

We offer a special Friday  night “Dagan date night” (named  after our friend, Dagan  Lacorte,  who was the first person to start  the trend when he and his wife celebrated their anniversary with us). We will close our doors to the  public and offer a special, 5 course meal of your choice, just for you and your loved one (or group if  you prefer).

Mia's Now Offers Online Shopping with curbside pickup and delivery.